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لباسشویی سکه ای، خشک شویی، تعمیرات لباس
ما با در اختیار داشتن بهترین ماشینهای شستشو در بازار و با استفاده از با کیفیت ترین مواد شوینده آماده ارائه خدمات زیر می باشیم


  • لباسشویی و خشک کن سکه ای خود کار در سایز های کوچک، متوسط و بزرگ
  • ارائه سرویس کامل شستشو، شامل دریافت لباس از درب منزل/محل کار، شستشو، خشک کردن، و تحویل مجدد در محل
  • ارائه خدمات خشکشویی
  • تعمیرات انواع لباس

Our Services :


Professional laundering for shirts and other washable items is a process we use to keep your garments looking their best.
Our special detergents, additives, and finishes sets commercial laundering apart from home laundering.

Another important aspect of our service is running a pick up and delivery service which ensure that you can attend to your other equally important commitments without any compromise to your hygiene needs.

We pride ourselves in keeping clean and being reliable with your laundry needs.

If you have a business or live in or around Ringwood why not give us a try.


We’ve been big on shirts for a long time. A good shirt service starts with attention and spot cleaning to collars and cuffs, followed by thorough laundering using special wash programs and detergents.

We have been told by many customers – to have the “whitest” Shirts in the area!

Then comes the important bit – the ironing.Unlike some laundries that “press” your shirt with a puff of steam, our process results in a crisp and professional finish. Your shirts are then normally returned on hangers, but if you prefer, our folding service is an option particularly popular with travelling customers.

We will usually have your shirts ready within 24 hours – sometimes even faster – allowing us to provide a high quality service at a refreshing price.


If you want to do the washing yourself, our new environmentally friendly coin operated machines not only save water, energy and detergent, they also save your valuable time through shorter, more efficient cycles.

Our washing machines and dryers come in various sizes and should suit your individual needs.

For your peace of mind, all our machines are cleaned and disinfected daily or as required.

Only want to dry you clothes? At The CLEANERS landrette “Drying only” customers are always welcome.

Short of time? We provide service washing or “drop and go” service to allow you to have “me time“.


A wide range of alterations can been performed to make garments fit perfectly. No need to accept how the clothing manufacturers think we should be shaped. The most common alterations are shortenings, also very common are alterations to waists and hips and sleeves.  Whether it be jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts or anything else, you would be surprised at what we can achieve.

Our standard service time depends on the complexity of the task and the work load of our tailors. We also offer a “next-day” service. Please note that additional surcharges will apply for a non-standard turn-around service.

Make us your one stop repair and cleaning shop!

خشک شویی – لباس شویی – تعمیر لباس

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