Persian Marriage Celebrant

برگزاری مراسم ازدواج

برگزاری مراسم ازدواج ایرانی و استرالیایی. به زبان فارسی یا انگلیسی. دارای جواز رسمی برای ثبت ازدواح در دفتر ثبت اسناد رسمی استرالیا.اجرای عقد باستانی ایرانی

Welcome and Congratulations!
Congratulations on finding your soul mate and your decision to get married.
I’d be thrilled, honoured and delighted to be part of your glorious wedding day!
​​I love the richness and diversity of people; I respect different beliefs and cultures and am specialised in performing interracial marriages.
It is so beautiful to see couples from different backgrounds and cultures find true love to share their lives and to commit themselves to understand and to value each other’s cultural differences.
I love the fact that no boundary or barrier surrounds the heart of a person who loves. After all, love laughs at locksmiths!
I would love to help make your special day magical, by simply incorperating cultural and traditional aspects of your heritage into your ceremony. As Rumi, the Persian poet said more than seven centuries ago, “Love will find its way through all languages on its own.”
Melbourne is home to increasingly more mixed-race marriages and couples from different ethnic backgrounds. I will be honoured to be your civil celebrant and perform your interracial marriage ceremony.
Your first consultation with me is Obligation Free and can be at a place of your choice or at my home office.
Please feel free to contact me at any time.

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