Coloured Moments Photography

آتلیه عکاسی

Looking for a professional photographer in Melbourne?

Our dedicated photography studio is located in one of the Melbourne Eastern suburbs.We highly encourage you to come and experience our marvelous service, whether that be for couple, family or children’s portraits or images of your loved newborn baby.

But who is this professional team? Coloured Moments established in 2015 by a young enthusiastic couple, Ahad and Azadeh. The idea of running a studio ignited in Ahad’s mind; “Being professional Photographer was my burning passion since 15 years ago from the time I clicked on my ever first shutter. All these 15 years gave me a top-notch experience in photography that led me to consider photography as one of my professional careers and run my own business called it Coloured Moments. Since then, I consider photography as an art and to do so, I endeavor to make all photos completely unique and timeless. What is more, Azadeh is the best talented fit at post processing and creating fantastic portraits from raw files which adds greater value to our piece of art”, Ahad explained.

Our main aim is to beautifully capture and seize your colorful moments of your life that will last generation not only as a frame of memory hanged on your wall but also in your mind.

At Coloured Moments “It’s more important to click with people’s memory than to click the shutter.”

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Melbourne Croydon VIC 3136
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